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Jewish Business Blessing - Birkat HaEsek Hamsa 🪬

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Introducing Our Exquisite Glossy Acrylic Jewish Business Blessing - Birkat HaEsek Hamsa 🪬

 Elevate your workspace with the profound energy of our glossy acrylic Jewish Business Blessing, artfully designed in the shape of a Hamsa🪬.

Immerse yourself in the captivating symbolism of the hamsa, a timeless source of protection and positivity.

This unique piece showcases the sacred Hebrew words gracefully ensconced within the figures' space and the hand palm.

The potent blessing reads:


בזה העסק ישרה החסד🪬
תחול הברכה🪬
שפע הצלחה🪬
ממרום יבורך המקום🪬
חיים טובים בטוב ובנעימים🪬
אושר שלווה🪬
birkat Ha'Esek Jewish Business Blessing
🪬May grace be woven into this business
🪬May blessings befall
🪬May success overflow
🪬From above, may the place be blessed
🪬Good life with goodness and pleasantness
🪬Happiness and tranquility


Elevate your work environment with the potent blessings of Birkat HaEsek🪬, elegantly depicted on premium acrylic. Embrace the fusion of timeless wisdom and innovative artistry, and invite boundless prosperity and serenity into your workspace.
Awaken the spirit ✡️ of your surroundings today with our exquisite Acrylic Jewish Business Blessing. Elevate your workspace with the power of these sacred words, ensuring that every glance ignites inspiration, motivation, and a profound sense of purpose.
Product information:
Crafted to perfection, our acrylic photo prints possess a striking allure reminiscent of images seemingly etched onto glass. Through our innovative second-surface printing technique, your chosen image is elegantly inscribed onto a 1/4" acrylic panel, creating a visual marvel that appears embedded in glass.


birkat Ha'Esek     

With a depth of 0.75 inches (1.9cm), this acrylic blessing commands attention and admiration, reflecting both traditional and contemporary design. The clear acrylic material is juxtaposed with a white vinyl backing, ensuring a pristine and sophisticated presentation.
Your acrylic print arrives ready to adorn your space, gracefully suspended 1.5" off the wall. The gentle curvature of the corners completes the harmonious aesthetic, culminating in a true masterpiece that seamlessly merges Hebrew tradition, artistic finesse, and modern aesthetics.
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