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About Meorot Israel

Welcome to Meorot Israel, where modern Jewish art and spirituality come to life!

Our journey began with a realization - the need for contemporary Gedolim and Jewish art to thrive in the digital era. We set out to fill this void by creating digitally hand-drawn masterpieces with a unique focus.

Our mission is clear: to bring Jewish art and Gedolim paintings into every Jewish home, regardless of one's spiritual level. Gone are the days of limited access to this beautiful art - we believe it should be available to all, resonating with every heart and soul.

At Meorot Israel, we strive to embody modernity with a deep sense of meaning. Our art blends the spiritual and the high-tech, giving each piece a fresh, inspiring feel. Take, for example, our Shaar Hashamayim Kotel painting - it goes beyond the physical structure to capture the divine connection between Jewish prayers and Hashem.

The paratrooper on the Kotel symbolizes the unity and strength of our IDF fighters who fought to liberate Jerusalem.

The Eshet Chayil piece radiates calmness, beauty, elegance, and the gentle touch every true Eshet Chayil brings to her home and family.

We infuse each artwork with Torah, Halacha, true stories, and the essence of Jewish life, making it a modern reflection of our rich traditions and legacy. We stand united, irrespective of backgrounds, as one united Jewish family.

At Meorot Israel, we illuminate Jewish homes with the light of Torah, beauty, fine art, prestige, and inspiration.

Our art is more than just paintings; it's a representation of who we are as a people - Jewish children of Hashem.

We invite you to explore our collection, be inspired, and embrace the profound connection our art offers. Let our creations kindle the flame of your Jewish heritage, transforming your space into a testament of our shared legacy.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of art and spirituality.

Experience the beauty of Meorot Israel, where tradition meets modernity, uniting every Jewish heart and soul.


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