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Young Sidna Baba Sali Portrait

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Introducing a Rarity: The Youthful Portrait of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira, affectionately known as the Sidna Baba Sali, brought to you by Meorot Israel.

This extraordinary masterpiece encapsulates a pivotal chapter in the life of the esteemed miracle worker, capturing him in his twenties, emanating an ethereal connection to the divine and an unparalleled depth of spirituality.

The Youthful Portrait of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira stands as a living testament to the potency of prayer and the sanctity of kedusha (holiness). With every gaze upon this artwork, a perpetual reminder of your cherished Jewish heritage and the profound impact of unwavering faith and devotion graces your soul.

This exceptional artwork not only immortalizes the physical visage of the Sidna Baba Sali in his youth but also crystallizes the spiritual essence that radiated from within. Each meticulous brushstroke and intricate detail serves as a conduit to his vibrant energy and steadfast conviction, transporting you to a realm where the extraordinary becomes reality.

Printed on premium natural white, matte, ultra-smooth, 100% cotton canvas boasting a standard of 400gsm, this portrait exudes unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. The harmonious blend of superior materials and meticulous artistry transforms this piece into a cherished heirloom, destined to traverse generations, symbolizing an unbreakable bond with Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira and the miracles he embodied.

With a selection of sizes to suit your space and preferences, whether adorning your residence, workspace, or sacred sanctum, the Youthful Portrait of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira will captivate and inspire all who encounter its profound allure.

Join the multitude from across the globe who journey to his resting place, seeking solace and celestial guidance. Allow the sanctity of Baba Sali's neshama (soul) to enfold you as you offer your prayers and immerse yourself in the narrative of his remarkable life.

Embrace the transformative potency of faith and immerse yourself in the exceptional legacy of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira through the Youthful Portrait by Meorot Israel. Invite the blessings of the holly Baba Sali into your life and watch as his spiritual essence infuses your sacred space with boundless inspiration. Secure your artwork today and bear witness to the profound resonance it brings to your cherished surroundings.
Young Baba Sali
Exploring the Life of the Tzadik:

🕍 Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira (Hebrew ר׳ יִשְׂרָאֵל אַבּוּחַצִירָא) - Known as The Sidna Baba Sali (Hebrew בַּאבָּא סָאלִי)

✡️ Born on September 12, 1889 (Hebrew: א' בתשרי תר"נ) in Morocco

Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira, lovingly revered as The Sidna Baba Sali, transcended the ordinary with his profound connection to the divine, orchestrating miracles through the potency of prayer. His remarkable journey began on September 12, 1889, in Morocco, within the embrace of a revered rabbinic dynasty that would forge his destiny and lay the bedrock for an extraordinary odyssey.

Throughout his earthly sojourn, the Baba Sali donned the mantle of a ruling Rabbi and Teacher, entrusted with the noble responsibility of illuminating the path for the entire Tafilalet region in Morocco. This sacred duty paved the way for his eventual migration to Israel in 1951, alongside the distinguished Abuhatzeira family. His influence transcended borders, as his very image became an emblem of spiritual sagacity and divine intercession.

The annals of history are filled with narratives of his wondrous miracles, countless accounts of his benevolent interventions that transformed lives across Israel and reverberated throughout the global Jewish community. At the venerable age of 94, Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira concluded his earthly chapter in Netivot, Israel, leaving behind a legacy etched in the hearts of those he touched.

Jews from every corner of the world converge upon his final resting place, beseeching Hashem's grace to surmount the challenges of existence, drawing strength from the sanctified aura of the holly Baba Sali's neshama (soul).

🕯 Passedaway : January 8, 1984 | ד׳ בִּשְׁבָט תשמ״ד in Netivot, Israel.

Explore the profound tapestry of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira's life, a journey infused with divine connection and a legacy of benevolence that continues to resonate across time and borders. His story, rich with miracles and unwavering faith, serves as an eternal beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek solace and guidance.

Product specification: 

Canvas Weight: 400gsm Standard

Lifelong Color: High-quality manufacturing and printing ensure vibrant colors that will last for generations.

Backing: Hard-sealed backing for durability and longevity. 


Installation: Comes with hanging hardware for effortless installation.

Corners: Taut corners for a clean and crisp appearance.

Color Quality: Vibrant colors are achieved through the latest printing techniques and custom-developed, archival pigment-based inks, matching even the most intricate designs.


Care Instructions: If the canvas gathers dust, wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth.

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